2021 Board of Directors:

Jeanine Dahl, Northland Foundation — Secretary
Gary Eckenberg, St. Louis County, Retired — Board Chair
Emily Edison,
SOAR Career Solutions
Christopher Henagin, Thrivent Financial
Ryan Jones-Casey, Natural Investments, LLC
Aaron Kelly, LHB, Inc.
Jessica Langer, CLT Homeowner, University of MN Medical School
Tonya Loken
, Essentia
Brian Murphy, North Shore Bank
Robert Ryan, Odyssey Development Inc.
Mary Frances Skala, Fryberger, Buchanan, Smith & Frederick, P.A.
Joel Tracey, CLT Homeowner, U.S.P.S. — Board Vice Chair
Lisa Wick,
CLT Homeowner, Federal Aviation Administration


The One Roof Community Housing Board of Directors shall consist of not less than 11 and not more than 14 Directors; provided, however, that at least one-third of the Board seats shall be reserved for CLT Leaseholders, residents of low income neighborhoods, other low income community residents and elected representatives of low income neighborhood organizations. At no point shall more than 1/3 of the Board be public officials. Additionally, at least 51% of the Directors shall be from low to moderate income persons residing in or within 90 miles of Duluth, Minnesota; owners, or senior officers of private establishments or other institutions located in or within 90 miles of Duluth, Minnesota; or representatives of low to moderate income organizations located in or within 90 miles of Duluth, Minnesota.

For more information about One Roof Board member roles and responsibilities, click here: One Roof Board Membership.