One Roof is currently accepting applications for the following positions.

Click on the job title to access a pdf of the complete job descriptions.

  1. Finance Coordinator (full-time; nonexempt) – Starting salary range = $42K to $48K – Apply Here
  2. CERA Navigator (full-time; nonexempt – Temporary) – Compensation = $15/hour – Apply Here
  3. CERA Marketing & Outreach Specialist (full-time; nonexempt – Temporary) – Compensation = $15/hour – Apply Here

One Roof full time employment is based on a fixed weekly salary, based upon a 40 hour workweek.  However, in most workweeks we try to offer the flexibility of a 32 work week. (One Roof office hours are Monday – Thursday)

Full time employment at One Roof includes a competitive benefits package including group health insurance options, 401K with employer contributions, and generous accrual of paid time off.

Questions about the employment application process? 
Contact our Administrative Director, Annie Saboe, at

Thank you for your interest in working for One Roof Community Housing!