We are excited to announce that Duluth’s newest affordable housing complex,  Decker Dwellings, is accepting applications! Applications are accepted online through the Superior Housing Authority’s website (click here) or by submitting the attached Decker Dwellings application.  

Currently under construction near the Miller Hill Mall, Decker Dwellings is scheduled to open in October, 2021 and will provide a new place to call home for households between the 50% and 80% area median income limit. Rent for the 1 to 3 bedroom apartments will range from $710 to $984 per month and Housing Choice Vouchers are welcome.  Additionally, to serve a need in our community, the Human Development Center (HDC), is providing services for nine permanent supportive housing households at Decker Dwellings.

We encourage you to share our announcement with others and if you have any questions about applications or the leasing process, please contact Patty or Carla at the Superior Housing Authority at (715) 718-8150.