Equal_Housing_LogoEssentia Health employees looking to purchase a home near Essentia’s downtown Duluth campus or other select neighborhoods are eligible for financial assistance through the Hillside Homeowners Incentive Program (HHIP) to help with the home purchase. There are no income requirements but applicants must be either full time employee or part time employee where the part time employment is over 50% of their income. Applicants must complete One Roof’s Home Buyer Education and Counseling program. The loans are forgiven 20% annually for each year of ownership and totally forgiven after 5 years.

HIP Fund Program:

  • $5,000 – For homes purchased within the Health District (portions of Central, East Hillside and Endion neighborhoods).
  • $2,000 – For homes purchased outside of the defined Health District but located within the Central Hillside, Lincoln Park and West Duluth neighborhoods.

Additional requirements:

    • Have a signed and accepted purchase agreement at time of application
    • Purchase property must be located within the Duluth city limits
    • Be working with a mortgage lending program that allows for 3rd party non-profit assistance (No Contract-For-Deeds)
    • Applicant is limited to 6 months PITI in cash assets after closing

To apply, complete this on-line submission. Your submission will be reviewed to determine eligibility for the best assistance option to meet your home buying need.

For more information on our loan programs, please call 218-727-5372.