100px-Equalhousinglender.svgOne Roof offers affordable loan programs for single and multi-family rental properties in selected Duluth neighborhoods.

One Roof is accepting requests for services for rental properties located in the Hillside Health District Area, Lincoln Park and Morgan Park neighborhoods as our funding applications require.  (Click on the link to see if your rental is in the Hillside border.)

If your property lies outside of the Hillside Health District Area focus area, the Lincoln Park or the Morgan Park neighborhoods, you may still be eligible to apply to the Duluth HRA rental rehab program (a separate program not affiliated with One Roof). Contact the Duluth HRA at (218) 529-6300 for more information.

For more information on our rental property loan programs, please call (218) 727-5372 or send your questions by email t0: nhobbs@1roofhousing.org


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