The Tenant Landlord Connection, a program of One Roof Community Housing, is presenting a series of free workshops to help area landlords better understand their rights and responsibilities.

***Covid-19 Update***

All landlord workshops will be offered online until further notice.

Eviction Moratorium Updates: Monday, August 3rd from 2:00pm-3:00pm

Join us as we review the latest updates to state & federal eviction moratoriums, and what they mean for you as a landlord. We will also review new financial assistance options to help tenants get caught up on their rent, if they have fallen behind due to hardship related to Covid-19. This workshop will be led by Legal Aid attorney Gwen Updegraff and TLC staff, and will be held via Zoom.

Fair Housing : Wednesday, August 12th, from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

This workshop will cover all the considerations of Fair Housing that a landlord needs to know. Topics will include: marketing units as well as screening prospective tenants; explanation of disparate impact and important HUD rulings to be aware of; reasonable accommodations, including allowing physical alterations to a rental property; important considerations for service animals & companion animals; what happens when a tenant files a fair housing complaint, and much more!

This workshop will be lead by Roslynn Pedracine, an Investigator with HUD’s Minneapolis Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity and will be held via Zoom.

All of our workshops are FREE and open to the public. If you have any questions or would like to RSVP for a workshop, please contact Teri Carlson at 218-727-5372 ext. 2010 or

COVID-19 Eviction Workshop for Landlords: This workshop was recorded in April of 2020 and is available to the public. To access this recording, please contact Jackie Kemp at:

Workshop Description:

Join us as we review the eviction moratoriums put in place by Governor Walz and the federal CARES Act, including the differences between the two mandates/moratoriums as well as what they mean for local landlords. This workshop will be led by Legal Aid attorney Gwen Updegraff and we will also discuss local resources for tenants who are having difficulty paying their rent.

Mediation & Conflict Resolution:
In addition to offering workshops, we also offer one-on-one education for landlords and tenants when questions arise regarding rights or responsibilities, as well as free mediation services to help resolve a landlord-tenant conflict or dispute. The Tenant Landlord Connection is a neutral resource and does not advocate for either side or provide either party with legal advice. Our goal is to help landlords and tenants avoid costly court actions by facilitating a mutually beneficial agreement through mediation. Topics re-solved through mediation include non-payment of rent, lease violations, mutual termination of the lease agreement, and much more! For more information about our mediation services, please contact the Tenant Landlord Connection at 218-727-5372 or