Ready-to-Rent classes offer resources and information for tenants looking to establish or rebuild a positive rental history. Our FREE 2-hour classes are held every other week (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) at One Roof Community Housing’s classroom. Topics include:

  • Understanding your lease and the terms of your rental agreement
  • Learn how to foster a positive landlord and tenant relationship
  • Understand rights and responsibilities of both Tenants and Landlords
  • Tips on how to maintain a clean, safe and healthy home
  • What to do if conflict arises with your landlord or neighbors
  • Learn how evictions negatively impact your life and how to prevent them

The class is FREE but registration is required. The 2020 Ready To Rent schedule can be found here.

To register call One Roof at (218) 727-5372.

Classes are held at:
One Roof Community Housing
12 East Fourth Street (Lake Ave & 4th Str. in the former Central Hillside Community Center)
Duluth, MN 55805