In compliance with our communities response to COVID-19, all of One Roof’s Ready to Rent classes are currently being held in an online format as needed, to prioritize health and safety.

Please contact Teri at 218-249-0084 / for more information.

Ready-to-Rent classes are free, and offer resources and information for tenants looking to establish or rebuild a positive rental history. Topics include:

  • Understanding your lease and the terms of your rental agreement
  • Learn how to foster a positive landlord and tenant relationship
  • Understand rights and responsibilities of both Tenants and Landlords
  • Tips on how to maintain a clean, safe and healthy home
  • What to do if conflict arises with your landlord or neighbors
  • Learn how evictions negatively impact your life and how to prevent them

To register call Teri at 218-249-0084 or email at