One Roof Community Housing, located in the former Central Hillside Community Center, 12 E 4th St., leases the building from the City of Duluth.

As part of the lease agreement, the classroom spaces are available to rent/reserve for non-profits, community groups, private citizens, business groups and other organizations.

One Roof handles the space rental for the classrooms/meeting spaces in the building as part of our lease agreement with the City of Duluth.  Due to the rights of freedom of speech and assembly, One Roof does not restrict the use of the space based on the aims and means of the groups using the space.  Neither does use of the space constitute One Roof’s endorsement of the groups or their events.

Community groups and organizations that rent the classrooms in the building are advised to use the location name of “Central Hillside Community Center,” rather than using One Roof Community Housing in their advertising, as this can cause community confusion and appears as if One Roof is endorsing or hosting the events.