partner_h_cOne Roof Community Housing and Center City Housing are pleased to announce that the Steve O’Neil Apartments has earned U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) ENERGY STAR certification. It is the first Minnesota multi-family, high-rise housing project to achieve the EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification.

The $12.8 million affordable-housing community, developed by Center City Housing Corporation (CCHC) and One Roof Community Housing with Wagner Zaun Architecture, Johnson Wilson Constructors and Rippley Richard Real Estate, was made possible through the support, dedication and generosity of many development and program partners, along with thousands of people who made personal donations. Center for Energy and Environment provided energy design analysis and consulting.

The beautifully designed 44-unit apartment community and six-room emergency family shelter is officially named after former county commissioner Steve O’Neil, who passed away in 2013, for his life work and advocacy for the homeless. Residents have safe, affordable homes with onsite support services lead by CHUM (Churches United in Ministry) to help them live healthier lives and break the cycle of long-term homelessness.

The ENERGY STAR label identifies apartments and condo units in multifamily buildings that are designed to be at least 15% more efficient than typical new construction. Throughout the construction process, independent testing and inspections are performed to confirm that the building meets the strict requirements set by the EPA’s ENERGY STAR program. Once this verification is completed, the units in the building can earn the ENERGY STAR label.

One Roof is committed to raising the bar for energy efficiency in all of our housing projects including the Steve O’Neil Apartments. This multifamily building project was created to transition families away from the cycle of poverty and homelessness, said Jeff Corey, Executive Director of One Roof Community Housing. “The apartments in this building will provide important benefits for both residents and the environment.

“Achieving the Energy Star certification helps keep the operations affordable over the long haul,” states Rick Klun, Executive Director of Center City Housing. “Programs like Steve O’Neil apartments operate on extremely tight budgets and this helps us continue being able to house homeless families.”

ENERGY STAR certified units provide durable, high-quality, and comfortable living spaces with third-party inspected energy-saving features like high performance windows, tight construction and ducts, high performance heating and cooling equipment, and efficient lighting and appliances.

“Developers who partner with ENERGY STAR offer new apartments and condo units that are designed and built to standards well above most others on the market today,” said Jonathan Passe, Director of EPA’s ENERGY STAR Residential Branch. “ENERGY STAR certified units are built with a comprehensive design, construction, and verification process to ensure that   these living spaces will offer real energy efficiency, comfort, durability, and value for years to come.”

EPA Energy Star news release